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There is a long history of controversy about whether or not college athletes should be paid. Specifically, those who participate in football and basketball. Players devote shocking amounts of time to their sport, and don’t get rewarded fairly. Every year, NCAA brings in billions of dollars in revenue and the ones who make it all happen, are not compensated. NCAA seems to be exploiting these young athlete’s talents. Living underneath the poverty line, spending more time at practice than in class, and demeaning the face value of a player seems like absurd circumstances for these worthy athletes. It all comes down to competitors receiving much less than they are worth.
Full time students often do not have full time jobs, but athletes do. Time spent practicing is equivalent to a full-time job, averaging twenty-five to thirty hours a week. The National Collegiate Athletic Association spent over a million dollars last year studying the life of an average college football or basketball player. Irvin Molotsky’s article explains that “football and basketball players on campuses with major athletic programs spend more time on their sports during the season than they do studying and attending class.” Sports may be what got a player to college, but college is ultimately for learning. With the hope of eventually being a professional athlete, not everyone will make it their due to lack of talent or injury; so, the education they are receiving is just as important as everyone else’s. The absence of class and study time show in test scores, and exams. Life for these competitors can be mentally and physically overwhelming.
The NCAA is a multi-billion-dollar industry with an estimated revenue of nine hundred and 52 million dollars a year. The President, “Emmert was paid at a rate of nearly $1.6 million a year” (Berkowitz). Coaches, staff and Universities benefit substantially as well. Out of all the Games, video games, merchandise and everything else that brings in unbelievable amounts of money, none of it is given to the ones who inspired it all. Strangely enough, products athletes endorse/wear are very limited, like shoes and apparel. On the other hand, coaches can get millions of dollars for shoe endorsements. Injustice is shown in several ways, according to one author and scholar “The athletes cannot receive gifts, but coaches and other athletic department personnel receive the free use of automobiles, country club memberships, housing subsidies, etc” (Eitzen). It seems as if...

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