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Why College Instructors Should Not Voice Their Personal Opinions In The Classroom

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“God is Dead” is what one College professor made is philosophy class write down on a piece of paper on the first day of his class in a public university. Most students did it for they were promised an “A” in the course, but if they did not write down the statement they were guaranteed an “F” in the class. A Christian student in the class, who strongly believed in God, argued against his professor telling him how God is not dead. This scenario was made into a popular movie called “God Not’s Dead” that came out in 2014. More situations like this are popping up all over colleges in America,which raises the question should educators be able to voice their personal opinions onto their ...view middle of the document...

It is not fair or right to judge or criticize any student by what they believe in. In America, there are number of diverse groups of people living under one country.
If an educator has a career in a public university, like Minnesota State University of Moorhead. They are a representative for the school. If a teacher, reflects their personal values those values will also be represented as the school’s values also. Educators are not paid to give their political or religious views , or any discrimination on any group of people to share with the students they encounter. Instructors are paid to educate student information in a non judge mental and in an equal way.
Another concern is what the students will do and think if the educator in the classroom would say the classroom instructor’s strong personal view to the rest of the class. Students look up to teachers and most students see them with respect and a fountain of knowledge they can give them. The danger of this respect and admiration students have for teachers is that the educators can mold the students mind very easily. As, a student I have always given respect to my teachers, past or present. In my English class in high school, we would read a book and the teacher would give her opinion on the book and ask if anyone disagrees with her opinion and explain why. So mostly everyone in my class would agree with the teacher because the mentality in the students brain is ‘”oh, teacher thinks this, so it has to be right and shouldn't fight it”. It is telling students not to think for themselves. I have seen this student mentality towards teacher's opinions in college too. This is a prime example that what a teacher says and does in the classroom has a bigger impact than some might think.
Applying this knowledge an educator can use, for example, if the instructor believes there is a God. The teacher might give evidence on why God exists and say that if you do not believe in God they are going to Hell. If a student in the classroom is raised Muslim or doesn't believe in a higher power, the students might fear the classroom instructor for being scared that the educator might judge them and treat them unfairly. Another scenario is that a student might feel more connected with the educator for they share the same...

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