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Why College Is Important To Me

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For many, college is a crucial stepping stone in education to compete with others in such demanding times. To others college is important because families demand of it, in order to keep tradition or prestige. For a few, college is important because it is required by society and without it an individual will seem unintellectual or uneducated. However, these reasons never pertained to Kazi Ahmed. Mrs. Ahmed married a doctor and had started a family and never felt necessity to go back to school. However, in hopes in obtaining a diploma and a bachelor’s degree, she did go back to college. The graduate did receive all her certificates, but also gained something more valuable. Mrs. Ahmed was now more educates, more independent, and can now have a better opportunity to join the workforce. Astonished to see so much growth, I soon began to realize that college is more than an obligation to society and family, rather an ...view middle of the document...

However, this education is not available is not available in elementary school, junior high, nor high school, but college. As a result of Mrs. Ahmed’s success, college has become important to me because the education received is much greater than any other institution. Generating new thoughts and learning new concepts is why college is important as well as allowing self-growth.
College creates an environment in which students have the ability to grow and mature. Compared to k-12 schools, college stimulates a different type of maturity by taking kids out of their comfort zones. By lifting these safety nets placed by k-12 schools, individuals are encouraged to be more dedicated, responsible, and independent. These qualities are important to acquire because hit helps students get through high school as well as prepare family life and working, or starting a business. These three qualities were transparent after Mrs. Ahmed graduated from CSUB. The student was more dedicated to her family, in addition, did not rely on others as much as she used to. Through her I saw that college allows tremendous maturity and development and not just education. However, Mrs. Ahmed also showed that college enhances the chances of getting a job.
On June 17, 2013, Mrs. Ahmed, my mom, graduated from CSUB after completing her last year of college. They women I saw before had completely changed from the women I saw after graduation. Knowledge had brought her more than just a better IQ level; rather made her more happy and lively then I had seen her before. Mrs. Ahmed’s experience in college, made her grow and mature which created a more dedicated, responsible, and independent her. Thanks to these traits earned in college, Mrs. Ahmed now works and Berkshire Elementary; a job she would have never would have received without her credentials. My mom had come out of her shell and experienced an experience that she never thought she would before. I would like to thank BC, CSUB, and most importantly my mom, by showing why college is important to me.

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