Why College Students Suffer From Insomnia

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Infomercials. They're all you can find at three in the morning to watch on television. After awhile, you find a few programs to watch or you pop in a movie. Night after night you sit in your bed wide awake each time longer than the last. Then you realize you have insomnia, but how you got it is what bothers you. Stress related insomnia can be caused by bad sleep patterns, school, and worries about life. College students are the largest group in the growing community of insomniacs in the nation (Gest).A college student's schedule is never consistent. Every other day your classes can begin at different times in the morning and of course we students try to sleep as late as possible. ...view middle of the document...

Exercising stimulates your body and speeds up your heart rate and metabolism making it difficult to sleep.The pressures of college life can be very stressful at times and lead to many sleepless nights. A lot of the time students are up late because they're doing school work. Essays, lab reports, calculus problems, drawings, and foreign languages can keep us up while stressing to meet the next day's deadline. Maybe if we didn't procrastinate we wouldn't have to stress ourselves all night. However sometimes our schedules are so busy that night time is the only time we can work on homework. Homework isn't the only thing on our minds.Worries about money can keep you up too. Whether our parents pay for it or not we all worry about bills. After all, the bills do come to you. Students have to make sure they have food money and extra money for unexpected things like a speeding ticket your parents don't know about. There are also worries about passing your classes, getting through the next day, family and friends, and other things. Some people just worry too much.Before we insomnia we should try to get a grip on life's daily stressors. We should also avoid the stimulants that keep us awake. No matter what there will come a point in our life when we are stressed. We might deal with it or stay awake thinking about it. Temporary insomnia will go away but chronic insomnia requires medical attention. Hopefully other students are finding a way to sleep peacefully. Until I can, lifetime shows some pretty good movies at night.Referenceswww.shuteye.comwww.dawgnet.com - Nguyen, Thu 1999The New York Times Gest, Jane 2002

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