Why Birth Control Should Be Readily Accessible To Teenagers

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Do you think that birth control should be easily, freely, and readily accessible to teens? Well, you should. You may be scared that making it so easily available will cause more pregnancies and disease rates to go up. Not only are these fears unnecessary but there are great benefits to making contraception available.
One of the main fears of making contraception easily accessible to teenagers is that teens will automatically think “Now that I have access to things that can prevent pregnancy, I can have as much sex as I want, and I do not have to be afraid of getting pregnant now, so I am going to have a lot of sex.” This is an understandable assumption, but is untrue. A study was done that included New York City schools and Chicago schools. Both school systems are very much alike. At the beginning of this study “ [both] school system[s], [were] a large, unified urban system that, [were] ethnically diverse,...[had] a high dropout rate, provide[d] HIV/AIDS education... [and did] not make condoms available to students” (Guttmacher, S.). The NYC School system then had a long and tiresome battle in deciding whether or not to make contraception accessible to teenagers through their school system, but eventually it was decided to make contraception readily available to their students. A study was done before and after this decision was made. Before the contraception was made available to the NYC students, “the proportions of students...who were sexually active were the same in both NYC and Chicago” and after the contraception was made available “New York students,... [still] reported equal rates of sexual activity but higher rates of condom use [than Chicago]” (Guttmacher, S.). Not only did the sexual activity NOT go up , but the condom use rate went up, the teen pregnancy rate went down and the STD rate also went down. This study shows that the fear that making birth control easily available will make the sexual activity rate go up, is highly unnecessary.
One of the great benefits to birth control, is that it’s tremendously helping the unwanted pregnancy rate go down.:
“Births...[from] teenagers in the United States have reached a historic new low, with the rate cut by more than half since 1991, according to a report by the [CDC]. [And] since just 2007, the [teen birth] rate has declined by one-third. Why is this happening? Abortion is not the answer. The rates for both teen pregnancy and also abortion are going down... [One of the] primary factors [for this is] the availability of more methods of contraception, especially more effective methods. ... Intrauterine devices [or] IUDs, are being prescribed more frequently, and... they are nearly foolproof in blocking conception” (Feldmann, Linda). “Over the course of a year, [less than one percent] of typical couples using an IUD will have an accidental pregnancy” (“IUD”).
I would call that, extremely effective and a great benefit of birth control.
Another fear that some...

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