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To what extent is Democracy more than just a type of a government?

Democracy is freedom: freedom from tyranny, freedom to elect representatives, freedom of religion, and the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. It not only about the Democracy lies within its people and how they decide its value and influence. Alexis De Tocoquville, a French aristocrat, knew that this new democracy idea was going to spread around the world and wanted to observe its intricacies. He came to America to observe democracy in action. What he ultimately did, was see America’s character. Democracy is more than just government. Democracy, as Tocoquville viewed, is only as good as the “quality of functions performed by its citizens”. The ideas of equality and liberty in democracy, both which America values, can be in conflict with each other. The more equality we strive for, the more we rely on the government to enforce. The more we rely on the government, the less liberty we actually have. There is a fine balance which exists. Tocoquville identified this in Democracy in America as he said “Nations of our day cannot have it that conditions within them are not equal; but it depends on them whether equality leads them to servitude or freedom, to enlightenment or barbarism, to prosperity or misery” (Tocoquville, Democracy in America). I believe this still to be true. While we seek for equality through government rule, we may take away liberties of others. As we seek liberty, some may not be treated with equality. In that same...

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