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Why Did Christianity Succeed In The Roman Empire? Why Didn't It Just Disappear? Does Persecution Make A Group Stronger?

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Why did Christianity succeed in the Roman Empire?anyone could become a Christianit was easy to move around Romecommon languages, the ideas spread quicklypersecution makes a group strongerimpossible to destroy an ideaThesisEven though Christians were persecuted, the religion spread along the Roman Empire at a glance. This was due to the road system in Rome, the common languages spoken by the people and to the fact that anyone could convert to Christianity.Road systemRomans had an amazing road system whose all the roads led to Romethis aloud to the news to travel quicklymany people found out about the religion and just joined itRoman roads transported information very quickLanguagethe empire had bonds such as language that kept it strongdue to the language everyone was united and they could understand each other with easelanguage help spread the religionif there was no common language the ideas would travel too slowbecause there was a common language everyone could understand each otherand the religion ideas spread quicklyReligion rulesone o the things Jesus wanted to change in Judaism was the idea of convertingJews had to many laws about converting and people did not want ot bother with themthe religion was new and it allowed anyone who wanted to joinno class distinctionsConclusionanyone could become a Christianit was easy to move around Romecommon languages, the ideas spread quicklypersecution makes a group strongerimpossible to destroy an ideaNew ideaChristianity spread because it gave people hope, it was the only way to forget about the terrible things that were going on in the EmpireSabina Abayeva28th May 2007Block GWhy did Christianity spread and succeed?The Ancient Romans were polytheistic, thus believed in pagan gods and worshipped idols. After some time, a new religion called Christianity rose among the people of Judea. However, as soon as it appeared the Romans started to persecute Christians for not worshipping the emperor and for refusing to go to the army. Even though Christians were persecuted, the religion spread around the Roman Empire at a glance. This was due to the road system in Rome, the common languages spoken by the people, to the fact that anyone could convert to Christianity and finally that it was impossible to destroy an idea.The Roman Empire had an amazing road system which bonded the gigantic empire. When Christianity appeared, the idea of the religion traveled quickly due to the roads that led to Rome. In a few days Romans knew what and where was everything happening. If it wasn't for the roads Christianity wouldn't have spread so quickly. However due to the Roman road system it did. The roads not only unified the whole empire but also contributed into spreading the new religion around it. However if it wasn't for the Latin language, the Christian ideas wouldn't spread that fast. The Latin language was one the major bonds of the Roman Empire. In addition it played a huge role in spreading of Christianity. Everyone in...

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