Why Did Reconstruction Fail? Essay

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Reconstruction is known as the period after the Civil war. The whole country was separated in two, people didn’t know what to do, the south was completely destroyed, and there were a lot of decisions to be made by the president. It lasted four years, and there was over half a million casualties between the union (North) and the confederate states (South). The north was declared the winner of the war after General Lee surrender in the Appomattox court house on April 9, 1865. The causes of the war was the secession of several southern states, they argued that it was up to them and it was in their rights to decide whether they should make slavery legal or illegal in their own boundaries. But the Union had other things in mind, the union wanted to decide whether or not the states were going to have slaves. This was just to make sure the country was equal on slavery and non-slavery on both sides, but states thought the union was abusing their power and being too strict on them, and that is when they decided to secede. The first state to secede was south Carolina, then they were followed by six other states, among those states were Florida, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. These states got together and created the confederate states of America in February 4, 1861, and the president was Jefferson Davis, they also made a government similar to the one of the U.S. Constitution.
After the war, President Abraham Lincoln’s main goal was to reunite the nation, restore, and heal the wounds that the aftermath of the Civil war had left behind. Many northerners were against the proposal that he made, to just let the south come back as they pleased because they thought it was unfair to not receive any kind of punishment for leaving the country, creating their own, and causing a war that had over half a million casualties. Lincoln’s original plan to bring the nation back together was the ten percent plan. The ten percent plan purpose was for ten percent of white voters in southern states to say an oath of allegiance to the United States in order to be readmitted back in the union. This was Lincoln’s plan to bring them back without any “harsh” punishment or violence, but that sparked up tensions in the north because they didn’t think it was fair. After Lincoln died Vice president Andrew Johnson took over office. He also proposed a reconstruction plan; it was similar to that of Lincoln’s, but his made reconstruction worse. Congress was furious with Johnsons plan so they decided to create one of their own. Their plan consisted of dividing the south into five military districts, and each district would have a general that would be the head of government for that section. Congress also made every state create a new state constitution that would go on to be revised/ approved by the union congress. With the ratification of the new constitution states were also forced to ratify the fourteenth amendment which gave voting rights to black males. This was...

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