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Why Did Stalin Win The Struggle For Power, 1924 1929?

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In 1922 the leader of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union (CPSU), Vladimir Lenin, appointed Joseph Stalin as the General Secretary of the CPSU, which was a job that at the time no person with power wanted, so a not so well-known Georgian was given the position. In that same year, Lenin suffered a stroke and began a long physical and mental break down, in which the powerful Communist even started to have doubts about the things that he and his party stood for.Stalin had in fact been given a position that he very cleverly manipulated to increase his chances of achieving his aim, which was to be the successor to Lenin as the leader of the CPSU. The party was set over many stages, the first and lowest ranking stage being the Party Cells, where people were chosen by other members to join the party and be loyal to Lenin. The next stage was the District meeting where there was a larger amount of people and had power over the people in the CPSU in the district.The stage up from the District meetings was the Region which controlled the District meetings in the region and was more important than the levels below it. If a member was this high up in the ranking then the next target to reach was of the Congress which was held in Moscow and included the top 1,500 Communist Party members. The penultimate stage was the Central Committee which had only a small number of members, around 120, and the people in the section of the party did not need to have a normal job. The highest part of the party was called the Politburo and had the head figures of the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Molotov and others, up to about 10 or 12 people. This part of the party was the most important part and had the most power.Stalin was elected General Secretary in 1922 and from that time he had the power to elect anyone he wanted up to the Congress which was where the voting took place if need be. Stalin knew that Lenin was close to dying and then a new leader would be elected, so he had been secretly promoting people that strongly supported him up the ranks, into the Congress without anyone else knowing.Whilst Stalin had been carrying on, Lenin also knew that he was of poor health and so started to write the world famous 'Lenin's Testament'. But being unable to physically move or speak very well he was only allowed five minutes of writing a day. Lenin wanted to leave his party with a leader that would help everyone to work together, that was just as good as, if not better of a leader than he was. However, he badly criticised every candidate and left the CPSU with no clear successor to Lenin as the leader of the CPSU.Then a turning point occurred and after a phone call, in which Lenin's wife asked Stalin why he was only allowed five minutes of dictating to a writer per day, Stalin reacted and abused Lenin's wife. Not knowing whether to tell Lenin, fearing it may trigger off a final stroke, Lenin's wife did tell him and an addition was written in 1924 before Lenin died. This...

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