Why Did The Alliance Break Down Between Brtain, Ussr And The Usa

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Why did the Alliance break down in 1944 - 45?There were many aspects to the Alliance breaking down between 1944 and 1945 these are the long term hostility between the USA and the USSR, the arguments at the Yalta and Potsdam conference and the different personalities in the big and the change of leadership within USA and Britain.In 1917 civil war broke out in the USSR. The USA, Britain, France and the other countries decided to try and wipe out communism by force. They invaded the USSR in support of the White Russians, however although the White Russians were supported by the non communist countries the Bolsheviks managed to establish themselves. They renamed the country the Soviet Union and it became a Communist dictatorship which lasted till the early 1990's.When it came to conferences like Yalta and Potsdam there was already hostility and tension between the big three because in previous years the USA and Britain had sent troops to try and destroy the very government they were trying to negotiate with.The USA and the USSR had hugely different ideological differences which lead to further tension between the two nations. Stalin believed that all property was owned by the state on behalf of the people and that people were provided with the pay that they would need to live, on the other hand Roosevelt believed that land was owned by individual people and they were free to earn as much money as they wished. This meant that when Stalin and Roosevelt met at conferences like Yalta they had completely different principals about how their country should be run. This lead to further strain to their political relationship.At...

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858 words - 4 pages which they had to pay to France hindered the chances of them ever recovering from it. There was hunger and famine in the streets, people were poor, and in need of a great leader to guide them through. When Adolph Hitler rose to power in 1933, it was due to his strong feelings about overturning the treaty, and making Germany ‘great’ again. The Treaty of Versailles did a good job of casting a shadow of revenge over Germany, driving the country to act

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871 words - 3 pages There was many reasons for the USA to get involved in Vietnam between the 1950's and 60's however they were all in stages, not just in one go. They called America and USA'S 'clash' the "Cold War" which began mainly due to America and the USSR'S political differences. The USSR was a communist state and the USA and the other countries who were their partners were capalist states or countries. Many people believed that capalists and communists

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859 words - 3 pages The 1905 Russian Revolution was the first of the revolutions that took place in attempt to overthrow Russia's Tsarist (or Imperial Autocracy) regime. The revolution broke out in 1905 because of the public unrest and economic depression caused by the Russo-Japanese war in 1904-5; and because of the "Bloody Sunday" of January 9th, 1905. The significance of the 1905 Revolution was determined by the October Manifesto, which was the Tsar's response

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