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Why The Conflict Over Slavery Intensifed In The 1840’s 50’s

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Every since the African Americans were brought to the United States, slavery has always been an issue. Slavery tensions between the North and the South was brought to the point where compromises were being made to resolve the conflict but at some point there needed to be an intervention. Finally the intervention was to be the American Civil War. The government tried to cover up the straining topic of slavery because the South believed the North would jeopardize the Souths system of living. Both the North and the South wanted equal opportunities to expand, so the idea of compromises were created. The Congress controlled what states were to be admitted to be a free slave state or not, like the Missouri Compromise of 1820.
When the Wilmot Proviso was proposed in 1846 a bill was proposed to ban African Americans to enter the land won from the Mexican War. It pleased the Northerners because the land would be available for the free Whites, but it angered the South because it banished slaves from working on the land where they would make money off of. Slaves was a source of income for them and slaves were their type of lifestyle and by taking it away, it furiated them.
Another major benefactor was the California Gold Rush in 1849. People of different races rushed to California in search of fortune. Over time the population boomed which allowed California to become a free state. A new group called “forty niners” were soon created. To control the frenzy they decided to apply as a free state to control the masses of people. Which then resulted the North consisting of 16 free states while the south consisted of 15 slave states.
By the 1850’s the Compromise of 1850 was enforced, which also included the Fugitive Slave Law. Which required citizens to capture runaway slaves any way they would or they would...

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