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Why Did The Disney Brand Devaluate Over Years?

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"It is often said that our company's most valuable asset is the Disney name. Well you will get no argument from me. I kind of like the name myself, but in recent times there has been a tendency to refer to it as the Disney brand. To me this degrades Disney into a thing to be bureaucratically managed rather than a name to be creatively championed. Branding is something you do to cows."----Roy DisneyMKT 376LU ZHOU09/20/2004CHEESE IS RUNNING OUT FOR THE ENCHANTED MOUSEI still remember vividly when I attended the information session regarding the college internships at Walt Disney in Orlando, Florida about two years ago. I was told that the park employees at Disney are called "cast members". Why? It is because Disney's emphasis on putting a good show for its paying guests extends to its personnel training. This is exactly why people around the world have been expected to come to this land of imagination and magic. In many people's mind, Disney is the synonymous of entertaining and away from the harsh reality. However, there is absolutely no question that Disney had weakened their brand over these years. The so called "cast members" sarcastically implied the company's CEO Mr. Michael Eisner's yelling for "cut". Seemingly number one problem for the Mickey Mouse is that the current leadership has no sense of stewardship of a beloved brand. It is as simple as "just show me the money". Of course, the brand image of such global mega entertaining corporation would not be fade away within couples of days. It is a gradual accumulation of wrong decisions that led to the weakening of the brand.The Disney brand which was built upon the values of a man who was perhapsmost uniquely successful at achieving his on artistic and audacious vision. The company and the man were one, as were brand and reputation. It was all perfectly combined into a piece. However, under Eisner, the creative fires that drove Walt Disney were banked, and then channeled into other directions. Perhaps, he was trying too hard in earning the MPRs (most profitable revenues) and thus attempted to maneuver the company in all kinds of possible directions. At the end, he felt lost and the company lost its own identity, too. Just as what he admitted bravely regarding one of his mistakes at the conference hold by Goldman Sachs, "some of our entertainment hasn't been entertaining enough. This is particularly true at our ABC network." Disney bought ABC in 1995 shortly after the nomination of Mr. Ovitz to be the president of the company by Mr. Eisner. Since the merger of the two companies, ABC's performance rating has been slump. Even the successful programs such as "Who wants to be a millionaire" could not help to boost up the ratings much. Lots of sources attributed the failure of ABC network to Eisner's strategically wrong move. It is obvious that ABC does not standalone among the TV networks, and Disney could not help it to establish its own unique identity among the crowds. As being one of the...

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