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Why Did The Equal Rights Fail?

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There are many theories as to why the Equal Rights Amendment failed. The Equal Rights Amendment (or E.R.A.) was passed by the Senate on March 22nd, 1972 which proposed banning discrimination based by gender. The E.R.A. got sent to the states to be ratified; however, it missed the three-fourths validation it needed. The E.R.A. each time failed to be accepted and was forgotten by the next few years after it was issued. So, why did the Equal Rights Amendment fail? People concerned about the E.R.A. – whether they be for or against the very thought of the idea of prohibiting gender-related prejudice – all have their own opinion and views toward the reason why the E.R.A. failed. Some believe it ...view middle of the document...

A. was greatly supported by those within the ages 18-25 in the Midwest or Eastern/Western Coasts. Religion also seemed to play a part, with only Jewish and Atheists being the few top supporters for women’s’ equal rights (Doc H).
Sex was also an important principle to ponder about when on the topic of E.R.A.’s failing. Sometime in 1982 there was an outrage of E.R.A. supporters demonstrating their support by doing obnoxious things such as bra-burning, breast-baring and talking trashy to gain support for the amendment. Although it attracted a lot of press attention, the supporters had lost a lot of votes in return because it was seen as an offensive and intolerable behavior of women to large portions of the population (Doc E). There was even a group of young females chained their selves in a desperate need to show their approval. It was a group of only females being laughed at by a group of men behind the women, thus showing that men don’t seem to be as supportive of the E.R.A. as women (Doc F). Men were even standing outside holding signs that read, “We want out of the kitchen, women working, meals not prepared child abandonment, etc.,” clearly showing men’s concern over women having the same rights as they do. Men felt, at that time, that if a woman were to have the same rights, she would...

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