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Why Did The Parliamentarians Not The Royalists Win The First British Civil War?

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Why did the parliamentarians not the royalists win the first civil war?This essay is directed at not only showing why the parliamentarians won the first civil war but why the royalists lost. Many points shall be examined such as finance, leadership, foreign support, motives for fighting, and regions of control through out Britain and the New Model Army.There were two sides in the civil war; royalists who supported the king, who also known as cavaliers and parliamentarians who supported parliament, were known as roundheads because of their shaved heads.Parliament were fighting not against the king but to rid him of evil advisors, but once the war started the country became divided between anti-king and pro-king clans. As the country was divided towns, villages, and even family's got turned against each other. At the start of the war there was an overwhelming want for peace so great that some towns signed treaties called inter-county neutrality pacts. This meant that both sides had to agree to disband all of their troops for a designated area. One of these was signed in Cheshire in 1641.Some historians thought of the civil war to have been a class war as the Royalist were mainly members of landed aristocracy (nobles) and there followers, where as parliamentarians were genrally from lower down the social scale, like the gentry, craftsmen, and urban workers. However in general the two sides cut across everything as sides picked often reflected from local squabbles, tensions and jealousies that formed long before the war. But in the end nearly every one was dragged into this vicious war.The side joined was based more on which army arrived in an area first than on what people really thought. Those who were able to make there own decisions found that the two main deciding factors were religion and outlook.Those who disliked archbishop Lauds reforms tended to join the parliamentary ranks. Where as those who instinctively disliked change in religion, politics or society in general tended to side with the king. Parliamentarians argued people to join the through Anti-Catholicism, made stronger by the Catholic murders of the Protestants. The royalist argued that they were defending the true protestant religion from puritan extremists so in turn fighting for the cause of God . Parliamentarians claimed that the king was corrupt through popish advisors and was under the influence of his Catholic wife. So they declared themselves ready to fight for Gods cause against the Anti-Christ.Both sides claimed to be fighting for Gods cause this made religion a huge factor to whether people supported the king or Parliament, however there were other factors like political and constitutional divides.The rich and noble people would lose out by joining parliament, as they would lose their social class. The king wanted to maintain social order, so rich and noble people were blackmailed to stay knowing that they would lose out by joining parliament so they stuck with the king...

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