Why Diet Coke Is Worse Than Coke

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You pull into the drive thru at McDonalds and think to yourself “should I get a coke or stick with my diet and get a diet coke”; well if you actually look at the ingredients you would see that diet is not the way to go. Contrary to popular belief, the alternative drink is not really helpful for your diet after many years of research have shown. Although you would be saving calories, the drink does not provide any nutritional value whatsoever. Coke is now preferred over diet because it causes weight gain, deadly diseases, and many health problems.
Of course all coke, Pepsi’s, etc. cause you to gain weight, but with recent studies diet coke has actually caused drinkers to gain more weight ...view middle of the document...

The American Diabetes Journal suggests like earlier mentioned that artificial sweeteners change the way our body’s process sugar. These sweeteners can “cause a sudden blood insulin and glucose rush”. The consumption of too many diet drinks could lead to the resistance of insulin. If you resist insulin for too long your body’s blood pressure can raise and your cholesterol will increase as well. The high blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attacks, and even death.
We know that diet coke can cause major health problems, but the minor troubles aren’t that great either. Newsmaxhealth.com claims that a new study in the journal Dentistry found the acidity in no-calorie soft drinks can damage teeth as badly as methamphetamine or crack cocaine. Dr. Crandall stated, “The bottom line is that diet soda can rot your teeth and it can rot your brain as well.” A 2010 study reported that between women who drank coke while pregnant and drank diet coke, that women who drank diet soda while pregnant had a greater risk of preterm delivery. A Moroccan woman, who had not had a sip of water in 15 years, but just diet soda, reportedly collapsed and was taken to the hospital. The woman said “she had at least has 2 liters per day”, which we know is not healthy for anyone. Doctors found that she had a heart syndrome called QT syndrome that can cause irregular heartbeats and had a tremendous increase in potassium levels. The woman had no family history of heart problems, and after told not to drink any more diet sodas for a week, her symptoms vanished.
Although most papers and major networks report that it is bad for you, others believe that the weight managing drink is good...

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