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Why Discrimination Has Never Ended In America

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The United States has an unfortunate history of racism and discrimination. Ever since slaves were brought to America from Africa, African-Americans have been treated poorly and discriminated against. Many of these people lacked opportunity and education because it was denied to them. The Great Migration saw many African-Americans travel from the South of the U.S. to the North in search of opportunity and an escape from poverty. Great leaders such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. fought against racism and discrimination. However, African-Americans were not the only ones being discriminated against. Immigrants have also been discriminated against. Mexican-American immigrants are ...view middle of the document...

The great migration brought African Americans from the south and a brand new culture was born. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the movement. African Americans did bring a new culture, but they also faced discrimination. Discrimination was not absent during the Harlem Renaissance. W.E.B. Dubois expresses the struggles African Americans faced in the United States in the poem Returning Soldiers. “We return from fighting. We return fighting. Make way for Democracy! We saved it in France, and by the Great Jehovah, we will save it in the United States of America, or know the reason why."(Dubois, 13) This is when African Americans return from fighting in WWI, for serving their country. They returned to America to be involved in another fight. Which was discrimination against them. WEB Dubois says that African Americans will fight for democracy in their own country, as they did in France. This shows that despite the movement of The Harlem Renaissance, they still had to fight discrimination.
Poets such as Langston Hughes expressed how African-Americans were discriminated against. His poems expressed doubt and the fear of African Americans. In his poem Cross, he says “ My old man died in a fine big house. My ma died in a shack. I wonder where I'm going to die, Being neither white nor black?” (Hughes, 1) In the poem, his old man is white, and his mother is black. His old man dies in a fine big house, which suggests that because he is white, he has more money and opportunity. His mother dies in a shack, his mother is African-American and she dies in a rundown dirty shack. This shows that African Americans were not living the glamorous life in the North as they expected, but they actually lived a sad life and were confined to the walls a small shack. Hughes then asks the question, where would he die since he is neither black or white? He is saying where would society put him? Would they give him the glamorous life for being white? Or would they discriminate him for being black?
There was also a lot of violence towards African Americans during the Harlem Renaissance. Race riots occurred during the era because many were tired of being pushed around so they took their frustration to the streets. African Americans were not the only ones who were violent though. They were defending themselves most of the time. A village in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was burned to the ground. It was burned by racists who didn’t agree with the African American culture. They thought it was harming the typical American lifestyle and sought to eradicate those who opposed or did not agree with it. Violence against African Americans was very brutal but despite that they still managed to keep their pride.
The Harlem Renaissance might have been very good, but it was also brutal in many ways. The culture was rich with art, music etc.. and changed the lives of African-Americans. Without the Harlem Renaissance, right now there might have been no culture or jazz. Despite having changed the...

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