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Why Disease Is Predominant In Poor Countries

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Step one:
Why do poor countries have a predominance of infectious disease as opposed to the lifestyle-related diseases of wealthy countries? What is your response to the global health inequalities that exist?
Step two:
I have chosen the question about because I can relate to it the most and also it is a global issue. Since I have spent a reasonable time i both poor/developing and wealthy/developed country. I have lived in India for six years after I have fleet from Tibet with is occupied by communist china, and it has been more than five years since I start my life in Australia. Using Willis’ sociological imagination template (1993; 2011, as cited in Germov 2014, P.6) the most relevant factors are historical, cultural and structure factors. My country Tibet has 2000 years of history and it was independent before 1949. People had freedom of movement and speech in their daily life, shared and enjoyed freedom and could criticise the government. Unfortunately in 1949 my country was occupied by communist china, and since then, like son covered by a cloud, my country is controlled and we lost our basic rights. It was then I realised that the government was not stable, social policies caused horrible situations and people faced lots of problems existing in their dad to day life. In the government people who got high level positions did not care for the general people and their basic needs such as healthcare, education, shelters, clothes, food, and clean water to drink. It was then when I and my family fleet to India. I When India was ruled by British they have lived in a harsh environment with very limited nutritious, healthcare, education and clean drink water. After they got independent they had to start reconstruct the government legislation, health system, education system, and stabilise the economy. In the six years that I have spent in India I cannot recall of getting any vaccination accept Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine (BCG). I got that vaccine with rest of the student in my boarding school when tuberculosis (TB) was beginning to spread in the school. Some of my friends have caught the disease and they had to hospitalise and Isoniazid was prescribed for more than six years, and they were isolated from other patients.
In cultural wise my parents are passionate with the Tibetan traditions, customs and beliefs. They tend to seek traditional health practice in the past but when we undergone the health screening as part of the process of coming to Australia dad was detected with latent TB and our departure was extended until he finish the prescribed medication and clear all the bacteria. On top of that the traditional food of Tibet design to suit extremely cold weather, the foods are high in fat and sweet to keep us warm and provide high level of energy because we stay active to keep the body temperature stable. But when my parents try to same food after we settle in India we either get sick or feel...

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