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Why Do Companies Need Ethical Hacking?

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The rapid technological change has brought with it a number of issues. One of the issues that it has brought is the issue of increased cybercrime conducted by black hats. Black hats target almost everyone, but we will mainly focus on attacks which occur in organizations. Hackers take advantage of the fact that more and more organizations are turning to the internet to interact with their customers, because of this the amount of critical data moving around systems is growing faster. The more information that is exchanged using technology, the more are companies putting themselves in danger of falling victims of such attacks.
The lack of awareness of data security is a contributing factor to the rapid increase of successful attacks conducted by people known as hackers. So we ask ourselves, who are these hackers and why do they do what they do? Black hat hackers also known as crackers are people who usually conduct planned attacks that are designed to steal critical information and destroy data. They gain un-authorized access to systems with the intention of causing malicious damage.

Hackers do what they do:

-To show the extent of their knowledge
-For thrill and excitement
-To get even
-For financial gain
-Intellectual challenge

Hackers being the intellectual beings that they are, they manipulate and bypass security systems without being detected by the organizations. Organizations rarely notice when there has been a breach of security this goes to show how smart hackers really are. Why do companies keep falling victims of such attacks? Most companies rely on defense tools such as firewalls, anti-virus software’s, DPI firewalls, etc. as defense that protects their confidential information but these measures are easily bypassed by hackers. Hackers are able to by-pass security passwords and anti-virus software’s without being caught, companies who rely only on these defense tools will therefore continue to fall victims of such attacks. “Without the company having insight on the thought processes of hackers they are unable to determine how the hackers work, plan their attacks and when they are planning to strike”.

The sad reality is that companies are increasingly targeted by hackers who are highly skilled and motivated to do wrong. Despite of all the security measures organizations have invested in, they still continue to fall victims of malicious hackers. Organizations need to stay put of the errors that might occur in security defense mechanisms. The rapid technological change requires the defense tools to be updated frequently depending on these defense tools only is not recommended. The fight against unethical hackers will never stop, so this should be the reason that motivates companies in hiring experts who know all about how hackers operate.


The need to introduce this practice is because security concerns are on the...

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