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Why Do Curses And Death Scare People?

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Why do curses and death scare people? What can I say? Another has ben the only anime to actually interest me when it comes to horror. Not because an anime has to do with horror means that I will like it. I’ve seen plenty of horror anime, but the fact of Another’s complexity and well development make it one of the best horror anime out there. “When it comes to anime I'm usually good at guessing what will happen next, but not this anime, it kept me on my toes. The ending had a very nice twist that I never would have expected” (skullhead195) (n.p.) agrees with me.
Another is a horror drama about a curse that is present in Yomiyama’s 3-3 class. It all started 1972, where Misaki, a popular ...view middle of the document...

Towards the end when the students of class 3-3 found out this information they were all trying to kill "Mei", but it escalated to classmates, friends, and lovers to kill one another (haha no pun intended, I am just retarded) to live.
I was really impressed how the creators could use such a dark concept in an anime of people doing whatever it takes to live. I however think this is true in some cases, because people will be driven by fear and hate, and that fear and hate will make people do things that they themselves wouldn’t think possible. The whole sense of survival has been going on since prehistoric ages.
Fear is an unpleasant emotional sensation that is caused by the thought of something or someone being of harmful nature. But these fears can create risks for our health and well-being. Another is mainly based on the fears of the unknown, and death. No one in class 3-3 knew who the dead one was, they only had their suspicions about Mei, and because of these fears they decided to just...

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