Why Do Entreprenuers Need Public Relations?

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Entrepreneurs are innovators and have a purpose in what they do with their occupation to have an effect on lives. They’re bright ideas help bring income to make a living off of the product. Public relations are a big asset to an entrepreneur because they create opportunities for them and others. Such as charities to help children and the elderly, also they get introduced to businesses and as well be the face of them for the companies. Overall, the entrepreneurs just want to be successful and have their hands on opportunities to make money. With this research found the purpose was to see how and what strategies did the entrepreneur’s used to actually get there are now today. The research is a guide to become a successful entrepreneur and set an example for our communities and especially home towns because most of the entrepreneurs mostly didn’t have anything growing up like families in poverty. So with the ambition and the mind to want better for yourself is what you have you to do in order to get what you want out to life such as a making a successful product, music groups, films and franchises. the Public Relations comes to mind in this manner because the image you can portray can be a good or bad and if you look bad you will have to fix yourself to be presentable to the audience. as far as a good image, turning a negative into a positive. Out of all the people in this world some one looks up to some individual in this world that inspires them to be what they are. Which leads to other opportunities growing up I was told to let my hobbies make my money so what all these entrepreneurs did was figure out how to get paid by doing what they love to do. But the research shows leadership and basically a guide for a young black man with bright ideas

All it takes for a business to expand is an idea of how it can become successful. How do entrepreneur successful and how they become successful with producing themselves, products, or organizations? Public Relations play a major part in the success in business. Public relation strategies have helped entrepreneurs and organizations producing products for customer’s interest in wealth. There are also theories that entrepreneurs and organizations use that helps them to reach their goals with their products and by promoting their product.
One of these theories is the expectancy value theory. The expectancy value theory relates to the function of the expectancies one has and the value of the goal toward which one is working. It is the theory of motivation, focusing on expectancy. Also, the outcome of goals and motivation is determined by how much they value the goal whether they expect to succeed.
My second theory is the hypodermic needle theory. This theory associated with shooting and injecting appropriate messages to the audience mind which causes the audience’s behavior to change. This theory is also known as the magic bullet theory, the message is a bullet fired from the media gun, which is the...

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