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Why Do I Want To Join The Office Of The Assistant Secretary For Strategic Assessment (Oassa)?

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The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Strategic Assessment (OASSA) is probably one of the government offices that can be labeled as an ‘elite institution’. The office being mainly concerned with international defense and security policies and engagements, one could expect that it is staffed by highly competent individuals with highly-specialized knowledge. In other words, the people at OASSA are unlikely to be found in any other government office. Every government office has lawyers in their legal division, accountants in their finance section, and HR practitioners in their personnel services. It is only in OASSA, however, one could find government employees who are mandated to develop the country’s defense and security policy. OASSA’s critical role in our government is more indispensable than it was ever before considering the security and defense issues and challenges the Philippines is facing today. This context, therefore, is one of the reasons in my wanting to join OASSA. I want to be an ‘elite government employee.’ I want to work for my government in a specialized capacity. I want to do something for the government that no other civil servant outside of that ‘elite government office’ can. With this, I strongly believe that I can achieve this by being part of OASSA.

In relation to the abovementioned reason, I want to be part of OASSA in order to fully maximize my Political Science degree. I am sure that by being a defense research officer at OASSA, I will be able to apply both my college training and my research skills. Ever since college, I have always been interested in key areas in international relations close to OASSA’s functional concerns like international security and defense treaties and agreements. In fact, in my Public International Law course (Pol. Sci. 185), our group (in which I was the leader) wrote a report-paper on the concept of ‘Responsibility to Protect (R2P)’ as it intersects International Humanitarian Law (IHL), and then applied to the cases of Bosnia and Somalia. Three of the findings of the paper were: (a) R2P...

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