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Why Do People Work And How To Get A Job

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Why do people work? People work because it is a necessity and it is a way to survive. In our society, being without a job is almost like being invisible. Everyone has to be involved is some type of work whether it is for self or for someone else. The work we choose to do determines our lives and measures our level of success in life. Our lives are around the work we do and the rewards that we get from it. Money is most earned through work, which makes work the center of our life. Work is the most important thing in any single human in the world because work brings the food to our home. If we do not work we won’t have the money to buy our necessities. If you want to improve your value as an employee, then know your duties inside and out and pay attention to detail. The more you know what to do and when to do it, the more it allows your supervisor to devote his attention to other areas in the company. A good worker needs values to succeed: to be well dressed, a self motivated a good attitude.

First at all, a good applicant should be well dress because job applicants should arrive at job interviews are being critically observed from the time they enter in the building and sometimes in the parking lot beforehand. If an applicant arrives with a club clothing then than reflects a lack of corporate awareness and their place in the organization if they were to be hired. For example, my friend went to apply to Lost Coast Brewery for a job. He went dress with a cloth of his favorite team of soccer. The day that he went for the interview he was interview by the owner. All the answers that he gave were very good. The owner told him that he has the job. The owner gave a suggestion that next time he has to wear a different cloth because sometimes the owners look how they are dress. The appropriate appearance reflects the appropriate beliefs and attitudes for a good interview.

Another value of a good worker is to not wait to be told what to do, but to think things through and keep busy by constantly finding tasks that need performing. A self motivated employee automatically sets himself apart from the crow. Every worker has a reputation for looking out for the employer’s best interest and putting customers first. For example, I work at Speedy Taco and sometimes we don’t have any customer. The time that we don’t have any customers, I wash the dishes, clean the tables or I see if the sodas are cold. My cousin is different because he is always talking or asking what to do....

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