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Why Do Kids Kill? Essay

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As we see many faces there are many cases, this case is the mental world of the young killers." They are frustrated, angry, in some pain, not getting everything they want. The children feel like victims. Having no concern about others - not thinking aboutothers. It is all about who they are and what they want. Aggression has been called the"default" setting for human behavior. People turn aggressive, "when you don't have theproblem-solving means of talking, negotiating, when you can't get what you want." a realistic sense of the consequences their victims will suffer because of their actions.Problem StatementLiving in a fantasy world is fine for children, but for psychologically disturbed violent offenders, the phrase rings ominous. Medical experts do not believe that sociopaths can be "cured." Sociopaths are generally resistant to therapy; medical experts do speculate that aggressive tendencies quiet down with age.Literature ReviewGitta Sereny, Author of "Cries unheard why children kill: the story of Mary Bell" is a journalist covering the case, she writes that in December of 1968, when twolittle girls Mary Bell, 11, and her friend Norma Bell, 13, were tried for strangling two little boys, and how her parents being that they were both not of sound mind, whichprobably led their daughter to the horrific crimes that she committed. By the standards of any era, the crime could hardly have been more horrific or sensational--the murder of children by children and yet, Sereny writes, the media treated the case with "unprecedented restraint" from start to finish. The purpose of the book she explained "was not to re-live these terrible crimes, but to find some understanding of how the crime could happen". At that time Mary did not go in with the anticipation that someone would be dead at the end of it, she appeared unaware of the nature or the gravity of the crime the finality of death. The terms that have been used in the past to describe these kids have been terms like sociopath or psychopath.In reading this story it was worth figuring out and coming to any firm conclusions, that because Mary's stories vary so widely in their degree of credibility. There should be more evidence from the case of Mary Bell, but here is the way the story come into view from Cries Unheard: It seems definite that...

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