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Why Do Many People Today Find It Hard To Stick To An Exercise Routine Even Though They Are Well Aware Of Its Benefits?

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Darren O'Flaherty 29/09/2001 We all know we need to exercise to shape up, but for many of us, pounding treadmills sounds far too much like hard work. A teenager in the prime of his life may value exercise as a part of his everyday routine. From basketball to football as long as there is some kind of thrill the lad is happy.However for a fourty year old the approach of exercise is totally different. It is not so easy after a day's work carrying the burden of some fatigued muscles and a mind clogged with a thousand taughts to drive down to the gym. I can just imagine the look on a man's face when his wife tells him "˜Honey I'll be back in one hour I'm off to the gym' leaving him with three kids at home and nothing cooking. Therefore in today's world various walks of life have a different attitude towards looking at things and whether or not people want to exercise is not down to them in the end. Our culture has clearly validated regular exercise People need the exercise, but what keeps many people at bay from ever starting can be summed up in a word: embarrassment. They don't join health clubs for fear their saggy, out-of-shape bodies will look out of place among trim young athletes they expect to see there. Ads featuring brawny young athletes thus turn away a sizeable segment of the population. Health clubs need a new marketing paradigm that targets older, out-of-shape, overweight people who need special encouragement and handholding. The message should be that being a member of a health club is for everyone When people feel overweight and under muscled they are shy about displaying themselves among those they consider their physical better. Such people also do not respond to claims that they can make themselves better because they are focusing on how they are now. Non exercisers tend too see clubs as failing to pay attention to their problems. Embarrassment sets in when in front of there eyes there are the elite lifting so much heavier weights making them feel quite incompetent. Women in aerobics...

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