Why Do Men Get Paid More Than Women?

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Why do men get paid more than women? Women work just as hard for less money and women barely get opportunities to show off their skill. All women should have the right. Whatever men can do, so can women.
(Currie, Stephen) Still Title lX has made a huge difference in sports. Money became a big issue, simply because the money went straight to men sports. In 1971, the boys programs got cut back by $ 3,000 dollars. Still the girls programs were eliminated. Some females do not always get the extra push and encouragement as the guy athletes. Women have come a long way because of this law. Georgia Tech is the only large school in the U.S. at which the percentage of women athletes is higher ...view middle of the document...

Complaints became serious and gave a lot of anger to women whose sports funds have been cut off. It has been said that colleges use athletes. Football is most known for that. Still today it is the most by far the most expensive sport. Football eats up more money than all women sports combined. A huge number of people have argued that Title lX is too far. “Title lX is an admirable goal,” says a men’s track coach whose program has fewer resources than the women’s program at his college. Some people have said men need sports more than women. Before lX in 1972, women having access to sports usually were bad and occasionally nonexistent. In 1971, one high school girl out of 27 participated, lack of interest had a big part, mainly cultural attitudes against girls who competed. The students rejected all of Brown’s bad arguments. It was said that more men than women like sports. They say that women compete less frequently that man, only because they haven’t had the chances that men have had. Only about a quarter of money spent on college’s athletics go to women sports. Women coach routinely gets lower salaries than the men coaches. “Although there are more women athletes than ever, more that 60 percent of spots on varsity college teams are still reserved for men.” (Currie,Stephen)

(Coakley, Jay) Some girls do not always get the extra push and encouragement as the guy athletes. When it comes to women athletes, experience suggest need to develop additional definitions of femininity. When it comes to fairness with gender in sports, a lot of rethinking is done. Masculinity and femininity tells what the purpose of goals and sports organization. Strong women have always been through a lot because they have been knocked down and through a challenge. When it comes to females in sports, alternative definitions of femininity is common. Not to be taken that girls or women should adopt behaviors. Gender equity involves more than inventing new ways to define and perform masculinity and femininity. Masculinity comes with much more chances of reaching high power levels influence. Simply because men have more to lose collectively. Even though men have more power than women, they still only get so much of possession of power. Male athletes always have higher access of privilege and power. Way better numbers than...

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