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Why Do Parents Want To Educate Their Children?

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Clay P. Bedford said “You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives."(Edberg, 2007, 21 Inspirational Quotes on Education) Why people want to educate their children? This question is very important because people want their children to be prepared to be effective members of their society. Every country in the world has advanced a structure of education depends on its requirements, businesses, and cultures. A number of similarities can be seen while visiting schools anywhere in the world. Conversely, the education system in one country is not transferable to the system in any other country. So, the three most recognizable aspects seem to stand out between Egyptian and Canadian educational systems: relationship between teachers and students, strategy of memorizing and understanding, and extracurricular activities.
The first divergence relating to Egyptian and Canadian educational systems depends on the level of formality in the relationship between teachers and students. Customarily, in Egyptian culture the relationship between teachers and students has usually been tense. Teachers should always be respected and sometimes students even have to bear the bad mood of the teacher'. It is not important how familiar the students are with the teacher, it is so difficult for students to speak with them about their worries. Also, the Egyptian students must call their teachers by a title or position. However, students under Canadian education system are more able to talk about their problems with their teachers and have the flexibility to listen to other people’s advice. Moreover, the

Canadian students often call the teachers by their first names. All in all, relationships between teachers and students show to be more formal in Egypt and much less in Canada. The students can be influenced by many factors in their characteristics, their levels of self-confidence, their power of participation in the class, the progress of their talent, is due to the relationship between teachers and students.
A second difference in Egyptian and Canadian education systems was found through the strategy of memorizing and understanding. The Egyptian students learn separately not as a member of the group which is one of the ways that explain how the education system differs from Egypt to Canada. For example, Egyptian education system is based on book learning and memorization. The classics and exams are the most important parts of the education system in Egypt. Thus students just learn from remembering events, which are often forgotten after a short period of time, rather than understanding. However, the Canadian education system has a different way; the students have a comparatively easy going measure of learning. This gives them better and deeper chances to understand the topic they are working on. Canadian students know how to speak up logically...

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