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Why Do People Find Comfort In Certain Music Genres, And How Does Music Affect Our Behavior?

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Why do people find comfort in certain music genres,
and how does music affect our behavior?
It is known by most that music can and likely does affect our behavior, many people wonder how and why it affects so many people in such diverse ways. Could it be because music makes us feel a certain way? Do different music genres make us think different thoughts? What kind of thoughts do they cause us to come up with? Can music cause us to act a certain way? Does music have any health benefits for humans? If so, what health benefits does it have?
During the last four decades, metal music lyrics have become increasingly explicit-particularly with reference to sex, drugs, and violence. Music is ...view middle of the document...

Although music can have many negative effects on our behavior, it can also have very positive effects on our health. Music has been able to uplift the spirits of those with dementia. Dementia is a clinical syndrome with a number of different causes which are characterized by deterioration in cognitive functions. Many treatments of dementia may depend on the client’s ability to speak. When a client is no longer able to speak or understand language, music therapy can offer an alternative form of communication. People who cannot speak anymore are usually still able to hum or play along with music (A.C., Birks & Scholten, 2013).
There are many different types of music therapy, however, the two main types of music therapy include: Receptive and Active music therapy. Receptive music therapy includes listening to music by the therapist who sings or selects recorded music for the recipients. In active music therapy, recipients are involved in the music-making by playing on small instruments (A.C., Birks & Scholten, 2013). Music therapy usually involves singing, listening to or playing musical instruments. Music and singing may stimulate hemispheric specialization. Clinical observations indicate that singing critically depends upon right-hemisphere structures. By contrast, patients suffering from aphasia subsequent to left-hemisphere lesions often show strikingly preserved vocal music capabilities (A.C., Birks & Scholten, 2013). Singing may be exploited to facilitate speech reconstruction when suffering from aphasia. Singing can further help the development of articulation, rhythm, and breath control. Singing in a group setting can improve social skills and foster a greater awareness of others. For those with dementia, singing may encourage reminiscence and discussions of the past, while reducing anxiety and fear (A.C., Birks & Scholten, 2013). For individuals with compromised breathing, singing can improve oxygen saturation rates. For individuals who have difficulty speaking following a stroke, music may stimulate the language centers in the brain promoting the ability to sing. Playing instruments may improve gross and fine motor coordination in individuals with motor impairments or neurological trauma related to a stroke, head injury or a disease process.
A group of students from the University of Wisconsin solicited 97 undergraduate students from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, consisting of 67 females and 30 males. Participants received a small amount of course credit for participating. There were 17 to 21 participants in each experimental condition.
Participants were assigned to one of the five conditions in which they completed questionnaires in a room in which all participants could clearly hear the music and lyrics. The five conditions included music with prosocial lyrics, music with antisocial lyrics, uplifting music, annoying music, and no music. The uplifting music includes songs that are popular and have an upbeat tempo. Annoying...

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