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Why Do People Lie Essay

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Since the earlier speaker,our team colleague spoke about the lying topic,part of this program is also to research and interview some people by which we can get some results in order to know what do they really think in generally about the lies.
After consultations with the team,I decided to do research on Gymnasium High School “Adem Gllavica” in Lipjan city.86 pupils take part on a questionnaire including three questions on it.Their age is 17/18.This questionnaire held on 21st
November / 2013.

The questions we decided to put in the questioner are :
1.How does lie impact in society?
2.Why do people lie?
3.Why lying hurts too much?
After analyzing the questionnaires we came at the end with these responded statistics by them.
About the question “HOW DOES LIE IMPACT IN SOCIETY?”,the percentage is as below:
73% of them share the same opinion fiercely against the lie in society.Most of them said that a blurted lie may impact badly in society.Likewise they also said
perceiving the lie as the virus that is infecting societies everyday more and more by “such mannerly people”.

Another 27% supports the others,but adding that lie depends on how the society accept it, who address and receive it,but anyhow lie is an ancient defect that continues to affect negatively in society.

About the question “WHY DO PEOPLE LIE? “,they answered like this:

About 93% think that people who lies have double personalities using the others to make their goals,without counting on human feelings who may be hurt.During my research about this topic I noticed on some papers a bad script,maybe about their bad experience.
The other 7% were not sincere and serious during the questioner.They used bad language.

For the question “WHY LYING HURTS SO MUCH?”:

Almost 78% of the questionnaires agreed that lie hurts to much and can bring consequences especially at hurt one.Some of them wrote their experiences and being involved in problems after the situation in society changed from someone’s lie.


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