Why Do People Loathe Smokers? A Response To Florence King A Response To "I'd Rather Smoke Than Kiss"

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Why do People Loathe Smokers? A response to Florence KingThe death of a human soul is a sensitive subject. People react negatively if they believe the death of a human being could have been potentially avoided. Smoking has always and will always be a debated issue. Humanity smokes for many logical reasons and many illogical reasons. Should we as a culture loath the smoker? Or take attack against the root of the problem.Florence King attacks people who "hate" smokers calling them "bigots". In "I'd Rather Smoke than Kiss" King expresses her anger toward anti-smokers. As a youth, she explains her unique way of discovering cigarettes. King talks briefly of her life. Then, continues to articulate a need for smoking. After, the author compares anti-smoking organizations to Nazis. For example, her comparison brings fourth hatred or "schadenfreude: pleasure in the unhappiness of others" (King 136). Also, she criticizes American culture by stating that "fear of being physically disgusting and smelling bad is American's worst nightmare" (136). Her rant does not stop their. She proceeds to say that African Americans and Caucasian female's ages 18 to 24 are targets of tobacco advertisement. Then, Concluding her article by condemning people who "hate" smokers. The radical themes expressed in Kings article could be seen as irrational or insane. However, claims of smoking by social-economic class and the corrupt government involvement in the tobacco crisis are surprisingly valid. We should not continue to be misinformed toward smokers but further are knowledge on this dilemma.It was extremely difficult to fell comfortable with Florence Kings article. Then, you began to feel and understand her point of view and smoking in a totally different context. After, the tirade developed; the first idea was very realistic. Most smokers feel a dislike or disgust from non smokers. Her claims against the marketing and advertising of the tobacco industry were apparent. The tobacco companies would rationally try to exploit the lower class; arguably because the lower class is likely uneducated and far more prone to become addicted to cigarettes.Kings partial autobiography brings validity but also discredits herself in the article. First, it shows an obvious stressful childhood. In contrast, it shows King speaking from her heart. Nevertheless, the majority of her article however is a complaint that non smokers "hate" smokers. She says that "[people] today... [Have] joyless faces of anti-tobacco puritans" (134). Kings purpose is rather blurry and unfocused but definite in the light of "misanthropy" people; the hate that nonsmokers feel toward smokers. The writers view takes shape in many forms. King molds the government and social security as a culprit of the tobacco quandary. The drama continues as she blames anti-smoking ads. This emotional argument gets in the way of the real reasons people dislike smokers. King portrays herself more as a radical and Nazi figure them...

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