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Why Do People Marry?I Believe That Two People Get Married Because They Love Each Other. Our Society Today Is In Love With The Idea Of Love. Almost

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I believe that two people get married because they love each other. Our society today is in love with the idea of love. Almost everything revolves around love and your significant other. Ever since we were little we have grown up watching fairy tales and love stories, and little girls grow up planning exactly what their wedding is going to be like. We grow up wondering when we are going to meet "the right one". Many people believe that there is always one person for everyone and the idea of true love. Others believe that you have to be in the right place at the right to time to meet the person that you are supposed to be with and there is more than one person for everyone.
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When people get married under the age of eighteen, it is seen as uncommon and unusually. Many say that the couple will not last and they are throwing their life away because they got married at such a young age. Many people view polygyny as cheating. They feel as if one man should only have one wife and one women should only have one husband.
There are also many legal restrictions on marriage as well. The most controversial issue wil marriage when it come to legal restrictions is homosexual marriage. Many Americans disapprove of homosexual marriage and feel as if they should not be able to have children either. It is legal is legal for homosexuals to get married in only 17 states. That many see like quite a few, but about eleven years ago it was illegal for two homosexuals to get married. In only eleven years 17 states have legalized marriage between homosexual, so the number will probably only increase from here on. I believe that in about 20 years or less homosexual marriage will be legal in just about every state in America. Many view that it is wrong but others say that it is their right to love and marry who ever they want; it should not matter what sex they are.
Another legal restrictionist the United States is that you have to have legal identification in or to be married. For example illegal immigrants cannot be married because they do not have the legal documentation saying that they are American citizens. Also, if you are under the age of eighteen you cannot get married without both sets of parent's consent. This is a restriction so teenagers do not go out and marry their first "love" in the heat of the moment without thinking about the responsibilities that come along with being married. In most states polygamy or bigamy is illegal. These terms are very similar and go hand inhand with each other. Polygamy is the practice of have more than one wife or husband at the same time. Bigamy is the act of going...

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