Why Do People Play Video Games "Why," The Long Asked Question

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What leads people, of all ages, to excessively play video and computer games? The answers lay not with the scientists or researchers, but with the "gamers" themselves. The scientists and researchers lack a very important trait to asses the causes excessive video game play. The causes that lead people to play games range from fascination of the game to simply boredom.People tend to question "why do they waste time with those stupid games?" to that, my cousin has this to say, "I play [video] games because they let me be something that I can't be in real life." Many people agree with this statement mainly because they like to put themselves in the action. They are in control of the actions that the character or characters take part in. In addition, the gamers are not putting themselves in any visible danger. They just sit back and allow the character to die for their amusement, which in turn gives them a sense of "godly" power. They tend not to care if they make a mistake, mainly as a result of that they do not get penalized for their mistakes. This leads to the experimentation of different possible solutions. In this way, the player is in control of every aspect of the situation without ever budging a muscle.Parents always get frustrated when their children seem to "waste" time in front of the television, or computer screen. Although, as a gamer myself, I do not agree with this;we, as students and active members in the community, work hard all week long. When we arrive home we are asked to do many things for adults; these range from fixing something in the house to caring for younger siblings. For teens it can be summarized in one simple word: chores. When the weekend comes, the only thing that's usually on a teenagers mind is to relax and to get some "quality time" for themselves. When the parents request the teenager to sacrifice...

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