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Why Do People Rebel Against Authority?

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Beginning in kindergarten, young children around the age of five would disrespect their parents and teachers because they would not know better. Later, beginning in the adolescent years, young adults would just push aside all authority in general to show that they do not wish. Eventually, by the time men and women would become full adults, they would begin to violate laws and regulations set by others, even the omnipotent government. Why do people rebel against authority?
Girls and boys, men and women, rebel against others because they believe that what others ask of them are wrong. People believe that not everything being requested is the right way to go. What's being asked could either be ...view middle of the document...

If egotistical people did not disobey orders, then they think they will not be in the "known" group of people. Supposedly being popular in high school, and even in careers, is more beneficial for them and that they will get special treatment because they think they are more important than the rest of the school, faculty, or just every living being in general. Some believe that they are peerless and better than the rest of the population.
Family is lastly a topic that could influence others to rebel. Women at that time would not drink tea as a way of not dealing with taxes (Anders 2). Men influenced their loved once to obligate against what others ask just because they may not accept or understand them, and vice versa. "Hatred is so much more about love than indifference" (Hornbacher 201). Rebelling against others made by the family could make things harder. Sometimes men and women will not listen to some people because their family may like them and they want to go against their own kindred. Children believe that just because the family less others that means the children have to rebel because children are commanded to act up or they are not the normal child. Even teens and young adult rebel against the family to feel like they are doing the right thing. Teens usually rebel against family because they do not like they way the family believes or brings up their siblings and even the teenagers themselves. This endures the fact that they might not...

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