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Why Do Societies Fall Essay

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Imagine a society that looked great from the outside, but was falling apart inside. The citizens inside have no power to fix this, don’t care, or are just too brainwashed by the government to try to change or save this society. This happened with many societies including Rome, the Sierra Leone, civil rights era U.S, and the society in Veronica Roth’s book Divergent. These societies that once thrived fell or made drastic changes so that they wouldn’t fall. Many powerful societies that thought they would last forever have come to an end. These societies fell due to civil war, poverty, and social inequality.
Civil war was what caused the society in Divergent to fall. The Erudite used a serum to take over the Dauntless’s minds. They attacked the Abnegation and many people on both sides ended up dead. The Dauntless’s leaders were traitors and the Abnegation’s leaders were dead. This all happened because of a few peoples greed. Civil war didn’t only destroy the society ...view middle of the document...

They had little food and ragged clothing. The Factionless were tired of living like this and eventually helped the Dauntless and rebelled against Erudite. Rome had a similar defeat because of poverty. They had a huge army and to pay a huge army, you need lots of money. Rome didn’t have this kind of money so they taxed the citizens more and more. Many people fell into poverty. This started riots, rebellions and hate for the government. The citizens no longer cared as the empire fell apart. A large amount of poverty will always lead to the downfall of a great society. When a society can’t take care of its civilians, they will eventually leave or rebel.
Social injustice is when a certain group of people don’t have the same rights as others or are hated by society for something that they either can’t control or have little control of. One of the biggest examples of that is racism. In Divergent, all citizens who were classified as Divergent were monitored and eventually killed by the government. The Divergents were born that way but they were killed. The factionless were also victims of social injustice. Ostracized from society, people avoided them and they were not given the same opportunities as other people. Eventually the Divergents and the Factionless teamed up and rebelled against Erudite. Another example of social injustice is in civil rights era America. Minorities in America during this time didn’t have the same rights as others. They had to use separate water fountains, bathrooms, they even had different entrances to buildings. Many were killed or arrested in their protests. They had riots and fought back and were eventually given equal rights. Like poverty, social injustice can lead to rebellions, and possibly even civil war.
These are the reasons so many societies fall, civil war, poverty, and social injustice. Like the society in Divergent, Rome, Sierra Leone, and civil rights era America have fallen. If societies become corrupt like this, they will fall. Do whatever you can to prevent these three things from happening because a society like these four will not last long.

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