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Why Do Teenagers Commit Suicide? Essay

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Two weeks ago, my friend shot herself in attempted suicide. Though she lived, I was still curious as to what caused her to think that ending her life was the last option she had. I believe that pressure from parents and other authoritative figures is what caused her and many others to think they have no other way to solve their problems. I believe that substance abuse, bullying, violent movies/television shows, and mental illnesses, such as depression, are also possible causes for suicide.
Pressure. Today there are many, many more pressures teenagers face compared to when their
parents were in school. Parents don't understand what it's like in today's time for their children. They are ...view middle of the document...

Alcohol and some drugs can cause depressive effects on the brain. Drugs and alcohol also impair the judgment about risks and solutions to problems.
There's no doubt that one of the most common reasons for suicide is because of being bullied. It's not uncommon to turn on the news and hear about a child taking their life because they were bullied. It's becoming a serious problem in our society today and is becoming one of the leading causes of suicide. For a number of years, bullying has been a huge controversy in schools. Unless someone steps up and does something about it, I believe bullying will continue to be a leading cause of suicide. Many say being bullied is part of growing up, and that's true. But bullying to the point of making one think they have no option but to kill themselves is definitely not part of growing up. ABC News reported that about thirty percent of are bullies or victims of bullying. The thing is, though, no one understands how it feels to get bullied until it happens to them. It causes them to feel weak and vulnerable.
Today television shows are much more violent than what they would've been a couple years ago. Ann Landers from the Chicago Tribune says that too often death is glamorized and made to seem exciting and adventurous. She also says that young people who are emotionally unstable have a tendency to imitate what they see portrayed on the screen and don't realize that death is permanent.
Mental illness also plays a big factor in the suicidal thought process. Most teens who commit suicide are suffering from depression and do not even realize that is what is wrong with them. Depression can be treated through therapy and often times through the help of medication. The parents, other family members and friends need to pay attention to the suicidal warning signs which include:
Teens who frequently talk about suicide or death
Teens who talk about wanting to escape or “go away”
Teens might often talk abut things they will no longer need and give away items to friends and family
The teen talking about hopelessness or feeling guilty
The teen may begin to pull away from friends and family and will no longer wish to partake of activities they used to enjoy
Teens might also exhibit a change in...

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