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Why Do They Do Thi To Us?

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People do not understand how bad womens’ lives are in Iraq. Women in Iraq live in constant fear of being threatened or murdered for doing normal day things, such as wearing makeup and going to school. Women in Iraq have very few rights and do not have freedom. Women are vulnerable; deprived of education; fear honor deaths; and have to follow strict guidelines that, if not followed, result in serious consequences.

Women in Iraq are capable of being physically or emotionally hurt by Iraqi males, like a brother, father, cousin, or husband. Women are also vulnerable to hurt by members of Islamist armed groups, militias, Iraqi government forces, foreign soldiers, and staff of foreign private military security. Women have paid the highest price due to violent religious extremism acts. Violence has made many Iraqi women more isolated, and many have lost husbands, brothers, fathers, and sons. The kidnapping, rape, and murder rates of women in Iraq is on rising everyday. Women have been victims of more abuses now than they have in the past 60 years.

Laws in Iraq keep women and girls from attending school. Of the seven million children attending school in 2010, under another ruler, 37 percent were girls. This percentage is zero under Taliban rule. The estimated literacy rate for women is 15.8 percent, and nearly 90 percent of women in the rural areas are illiterate, due to not being able to go to school. Women are affected by illiteracy, especially in rural areas, where close to 50 percent of women between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four are illiterate compared with 20 percent of women living in urban areas.

Honor killing is the killing of a woman who brought dishonor to her family, or a family feels that their female relative has tarnished their reputation . Dressing unacceptable to the family, not wearing the veil or wearing make-up; wanting out of an arranged marriage or ...

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