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Why Do They Hate Us? An Article By Mona Eltahawy

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Late back in the years, women were referred to be evil, devilish, or even a distraction for men from anything that is part of daily life except for sexual pleasure in bed. They were counted, or more, their voices were considered as a temptation (meaning that it’s leading to something bad). Nowadays, most of the countries seem that they have overcome this way of thinking and put women in an equal position as men. Unfortunately, it seems that there are few countries left in in the Middle East where men of the 21st century still have the mentality of men of the 7th century.
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Moreover, how is beating up a woman not cruel? In Morocco, most women are deprived from living their lives by getting married at the age of 18. Many other countries such as Saudi Arabia approved for this to happen; because of an example set by the Prophet Mohammad stating that he married his second wife when she was a child. This shows that women are limited to found a family as soon as possible. In addition, more than half of the women in Yemen were illiterate, lacked jobs because they did not attend high school. But at least, Yemeni women have the right to drive a car, contrary to the Saudi Arabia policy, women are not allowed to drive a vehicle, but are able to go to college. But regardless of their rights, age, level of education and smartness, women are still to be considered as minors; men seem to still have this huge control over their lives. However, Saudi Arabia has finally come to a change of policy. According to some royal decisions, Saudi Arabia will finally give women the right to vote by the year 2015. It’s considered as a late decision because other countries have came up with this decision many years ago. No matter what the country is or the religion, extremists are still very old fashioned, and want to feel power by taking control over women. One of them example stated is the famous TV host on Al Jazeera Yusuf Al-Qardawi. Qardawi is with the idea of cutting off female genitalia in some Arab countries in order of protection of one’s daughters. But this is depriving women from the rights and their sexual needs. Decisions over their own body parts are being taken by men. Males may consider this as ‘protection’, while in fact, it’s the complete opposite. Women, being referred as temptations, were obliged to cover their whole body while walking on the street because men cannot control themselves, leading to sexual harassment. This lack of control in men could be due the Middle East failing economies. The sexual abuse of women on streets is affecting their later marriage life (no sexual pleasure with the husband/fear..). In Libya, sexual harassed women are no longer respected and sent to social rehabilitation centers where they are to be treated and no longer have a life unless they are lucky enough that a man chooses them and agrees to marry them or they are re-accepted by their own families and go back to them. In addition, and accident took place in Saudi Arabia was stated. 15 girls are left to die in a school fire and were not saved because they were not covered up which is required in public. This silliness deprived families from their children! This is cruel act! Moreover, women are considered as impurities. Judging from a personal experience, the author herself being sexually assaulted by four Egyptian riot police, claims a demand to right and justice equally. Many women stepped out of the crowd and fought for their rights; such as Amina Filali, Salwa El-Husseini, Samira Ibrahim.. each of them whom fought for a specific right....

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