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Why Do Vietnamese Students Refuse To Return Home University Essay

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Why do Vietnamese students refuse to return home after studying abroad?
At the session on November 2 discussing the country’s socioeconomic situation in 2015 and making plans for 2016, deputy Nguyen Ngoc Hoa from Ho Chi Minh City gave the example of Vietnam failing to use talents, repeating the story that only one of the 13 winners of the past “Road to Mt. Olympia’s Peak" quiz shows have come back to Vietnam for work after graduating from universities in Australia.
Family is the reason that counts for those who choose to come back home.
Dr. Truong Anh Hoang from the University of Engineering and Technology under the Vietnam National University – Hanoi recalled the moment 10 years ago when he received the doctorate degree on information technology in Norway.
He said he did think of staying in the European country to continue a research project at the invitation of his instructor but he eventually decided to return to Vietnam for family reasons.
Dr. Hoang said at that time he still wanted to get back to Norway after handling his personal situation.
Meanwhile, 32-year-old Dr. Do Thanh Trung, who is working at Vinaconex, shared his plan to stay in France after finishing his PhD but his final decision was to return to his homeland. Family is the most important and most meaningful reason for his decision, Dr. Trung said.
Although agreeing that the challenging and opportunity-rich working environment in Vietnam was one of the reasons for his return, Dr. Trung said...

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