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Why Do We Have So Many Problems In Today’s Society With Schools?

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Why do we have so many problems in today’s society with schools? This is why. School safety is a very big problem in today’s world. We have to work to make school safety better. Although schools and districts are doing everything they and to keep their students as safe as possible, there are still many problems. There are many aspects that go into school safety such as drills, concussions and other head injuries, bullying, technology safety, and intruders.
Project Citizen is a yearly 100 point project that students must do in 7th Grade Social Studies in which students focus on different aspects of the world. This year is school safety. We did 20 different tasks to prepare us for Project ...view middle of the document...

Students and teachers need to take action and solve these problems.
In Project Citizen we have learned many terms. Like School safety is the safety of schools. The safety of the students and staff members. Reflection is when you learn from past events whether they are good or bad. Learning is when you absorb information and remembers it so that it is in your head. Bloom's Taxonomy is a classification of learning objectives within education. Security means to be secure or safe from danger. Digital Citizenship is a concept which helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately.
This is some Edgewood information. There are 31 fire alarms, 29 fire extinguishers, 3 AED’s, 6 first aid units, 5 stairwells, 439 3rd floor lockers, 187 3rd floor lockers in use, 319 2nd floor lockers, 155 2nd floor lockers in use, 342 1st floor lockers, and 207 1st floor lockers in use.
These are the fire alarm location, next to cafeteria doors, inside cafeteria, inside fit center, by doors near Levin advisory lockers, next to Ms. Leavitt’s classroom next to Ms. Carson’s classroom, 2 in the front lower gym, by the stairs between the gyms, by boys locker room (upper gym), by the music room, 4 in the upper gym, in the music room, 6 in the auditorium, by the front door entrance,next to water fountain and by the front entrance.
The locations for the fire extinguishers are 1st Floor: 5 / located by hallway of CMA, in Ms. Tracy's room, hallway by Ms. O's room, next to room 133, and in hallway down from lunchroom. 2nd Floor: 13 / located next to Mrs. Ott’s room 224, lab 216, Ms. Murrows room 230, Mrs. Andrews room 232, next to girls bathroom and across from Mr. Candela's room, auditorium, next to the office and custodian room, next to Mrs. Van Amen lockers, nurses door, hallway in the upper gym. 3rd: 11 / located in Mr. Wooten's room, Mrs. Allen's room, Mr. Minikel's room, across from Mrs. Allen's room, next to boys bathroom across from Mrs. Barbarigos room, next to Mr. Minikel's room, across from Mrs. Wirtz class and next to the girls bathroom, across from eagles nest, across from Mr. Menolascino room, next to Mrs. Hendel's room, across from lab 328.
The AED’s are located by the fit center, by the nurse’s office and by Mr. Mr. Menolascino room. In Edgewood there are 1, 649 lockers in total. The locations of the First-Aid Kits are located in the upper gym, lower gym, outside of Mr. Menolascino room and outside the lunch room.
In Edgewood if a student gets injured he or she must go to the nurse immediately. Edgewood practices drills a lot also. We have security cameras to make sure no intruders come in. Also, all staff must wear ID badges when they are in the building to keep students safe. If bullying or cyber bullying occurs acres tell a straight away and action will be taken.
This problem should definitely be handled by the government. Bullying can affect people in many...

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