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Why Do You Think People Attend College Or University?

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Name: Hoàng Kiều Nhật HạClass AVK35B ID: 1111179Topic: People attend college or university for many reasons (for example, new experience, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.Nowadays in social progress, after graduated from high school, people can find so many ways to develop themselves. It is clear to see that studying at college or university is not the only choice. However, many students all over the world attend in there every year. So, why do people attend college or university? The purpose of this essay is to analyze three main reasons for people attend college or university: increasing knowledge, getting new experiences, and obtaining career preparation.The first reason why people attend college or university is that they want to increase their knowledge. There is no limit for knowledge, and we can get knowledge as much as we want. People in general have desire for learning more and they always try for that. College and university are the enormous resources for people to gain knowledge and get an education. The education they got from high school may not enough for their lives because it is just the basic material; however, professors in colleges or in universities teach them all the subjects in more details than in high school. People can improve their professional knowledge. The theory, practice and experiment that supplied by the university can help people discover the subject that they interest, also can help their life and their future works.The second reason...

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