Why Do You Think Downward Communication Is Much More Prevalent Than Upward Communication?

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Organizational communication is a sustainable system of people working together to achieve a common goal, through division levels of stratification according to rank and duty (Everet M. Rogers). Communication is the means whereby organizations coordinate management of material resources and human resources through formal structural pattern of the duties and authority (Robert Bonnington).Communication organizations are sending and receiving various messages in the cluster formal organization or informally from an organization (Wiryanto, 2005). In organization, the communication has provided four distinct directions, downward, upward, horizontal and diagonal. But, I was doing the research about downward communication and upward communication. There are downward communications is much more prevalent in organization than upward communication.
Definition of downward communication is occurs when information and messages flow down through an organization's formal chain of command or hierarchical structure. In other words, messages and orders start at the upper levels of the organizational hierarchy and move down toward the bottom levels. Responses to downward communications move up along the same path. The aim is to help reduce the occurrence of communication rumors (rumors) in order to foster a pleasant work atmosphere, and indirectly increase the productivity and profitability of the enterprise.Downward communication has eight advantages and seven disadvantages that will be role to organization in to communication with their employee.
The advantages of downward communication are delegating authority and responsibility. Delegation means entrusting the subordinates with some responsibilities along with due authority. It is essential to make the subordinates capable in performing their jobs. Since downward communication starts form higher level, it helps mangers in delegating authority and responsibility to the right persons. The second of advantages is a marinating discipline. In downward communication, it is occurs in conformity with officially recognized rules and regulations. So it helps in establishing official discipline in the organization.
The third of advantages is an increasing efficiency. Downward communication provides necessary guidance, orders, instructions and explanations of various complex issues to the subordinates that ultimately increase the efficiency of the employees. The fourth of advantages is an informing organizational plans and procedures. In an organization, the top-level executives develop the plans, policies, strategies, procedures etc. downward communication plays a significant role in communicating those plans, policies, strategies’ and procedures to the lower levels of the organization. The fifth of advantages is an explaining the complex issues. Sometimes subordinates need explanation of organizational policies and procedures. In such situations, managers rely on downward communication to provide necessary...

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