Why Do You Want To Become A Pharmacist? Why Do You Want To Go To This School?

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I really don't know how to start this, but going to your school, with its esteemed name that is heard everywhere in the school that I go to currently, seems a little like a dream. I'm trying not to be too corny, its not really working. Aside from my academics, i do draw, sing, play a little piano and drums and enjoy writing songs and stories.

When my dad impregnated my mom, he had to run away with no help from either sides of their families. They had no help at all. They had to struggled through most of their life together. Even before they were together neither of them were rich and lived in Guyana in slumed out areas. Then again thats how the majority of Guyana looked. They use to feed my brother sugar and water when they had no milk. My parents were never given anything and my dad grew up never wanting anything from any one. Even though as a parent its your instinct to give your child whatever they wanted that was not the case here. When I got a little older I remembered that at times we would have no groceries or anything to eat. We would have to scrape up money from anywhere in our house and use it. It must have been so embarrassing to pay with old coins with mold on it. My parents and my brother learned to be thankful and grateful for what they had. Even though I wasn't there to experience it my mother told me everything and I was raised to respect and appreciate everything that was given to me. I thank my parents for teaching me this. For showing me that I shouldn't be spoiled and get everything I ask for because their are others that don't have. Growing up like that has made me realize the value of money and its not to be wasted. Even though my dad struggled he didn't want my mom to work he saw it as her needing to grow us up and plus he didn't have enough for a babysitter for all 3 of us. My mom said my brother and my dad lived in Far Rock Away and Brooklyn in a crumby, small, cramped apartment. My dad got my grandfather house after he repaired everything with him. This is the house I am currently living in today. It has three floors and 2 bedroooms. The mortgage must have been hard to pay at the time, but im so glad God did honestly bless us. If you can even imagine for one man with all these kids working a low paying job at the time you can believe how much stress and work that was. He worked in a nursing home for a while. He was the janitor and he would clean up the older people's urine and droppings. He would be there from the middle of the day until the next day. It would be long and back breaking hours and you could not sleep for one minute or he would've lost his job. My mom would constantly pray and one day my mom prayed and she in her heart God told her that he would bless her and she would never go without anymore. This may sound weird to you, but it is my religion and it is what I believe and what I hold true; and this is who I am. From that day, God...

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