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Why Do Young Aspiring Athletes Do Drugs?

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For centuries sports has been the favorite past time and for decades drugs, steroids and Performance enhancing drugs and regular street drugs have been used. In many locker rooms the motto is “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying” (Schafer). Over the past decades many see the need to drug test athletes in order to maintain integrity of the sports. Drug testing athletes has to many lawsuits and even has gone to the U.S. Supreme Court many times because some feel that drug testing is an invasion of there privacy. Albiet, drugs have increased the entertainment when watching sports, it has also decreased the sportmanship and integrity. Drug testing is a deterrent that is needed in all sports to decrease the number of unethical players while increasing the integrity of a given sport.
We first must ask ourselves why do young aspiring athletes use drugs in the first place? Young aspiring athletes use drugs because they feel it is the only way to make it to the major leagues. Dr. Michael Schafer an orthopedic surgeon reports that eighty percent of all athletes feel drugs are the only way to become a professional athlete. While seventy- seven percent of athletes are pressurized to use drugs in order to get ahead reports the Taylor Hooten Foundation. Many young athletes view many professional's like Barry Bonds, Brandon Browner, or Lance Armstrong as role models and will do anything to play like them. In fact that’s how sixty percent of them feel (Schafer). When Bonds, Browner or Armstrong are suspended for drug abuse, it does not deter young athletes instead it fuels them to take drugs and to not get caught. This ambition often comes at a cost.
Drug abuse is a pervasive epidemic affecting high school athletes all across the United States. The Hooten Foundation reports that eight percent of all male athletes have admitted to using drugs while over thirty six percent have admitted to knowing someone that use's drugs. Furthermore, they report that one in every five parents are worried that there athlete may use drugs. Drug use among non-professional athletes is much more pervasive and extensive than we think. These athletes have a mindset that everyone does it, but that still does not make it legal.
Drug use evens extend into the collegiate level. Drugs can help athletes be dominant. College athletes pack on extra weight sometimes up to 80 pounds reports the Associated Press in order to avoid a positive test. Rebecca Rugerri, an assistant professor of Health Studies reports that 49.7% of intercollegiate athletes are pressured to drink alcohol or use drugs. Drug use in college is where it is most prevalent. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has mandatory random drug testing policies for all collegiate athletes. If there was no drug use in College Athletics why would the NCAA invest millions into enforcing this rule?
Then there are professional athletes. The ones that make the most money and those most recognized. The professional...

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