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Why Do Young Adults Have Abortions?

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Why do young adults have abortions? Are they aware that this action affects not only themselves or the child that is being aborted, but it affects numerous of people witnessing this devastation? Abortion is a major issue in present society and will most certainly be discussed and brought to a conclusion on whether this action should be allowed in the society as being legal or immediately ceased through an enforced law by the courts.

According to the U.S Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, “About 43% of American women will have one (or occasionally more) abortions during their lifetime. Approximately 1.5 million legal abortions are performed in the United States each year” (1). According to the Merriam Webster’s School Dictionary, “Abortion is the act of removing a human embryo or fetus from the uterus of a woman prior to the completion of the full term of pregnancy” (3).

I have chosen this topic because I am a teenager that is surrounded by this issue. I have many family members and close friends that were once in a situation where they were either too young, but so puzzled and confused, that they didn’t know the best decision to make; or they didn’t know whether or not they should keep the child or have an abortion. Most of my family and friends are juveniles; they are children themselves. A majority of them are still enrolled in school and not financially secure; therefore, they are not prepared to take on the role of a parent.

Reducing abortion will benefit society once one obtains complete knowledge of the laws behind abortion, examines the effects of abortion, understands the influences on abortion, and provides solutions to prevent abortion. In conclusion, I truly hope to learn the major factors of why women decide to have abortions, the rights to life that a child has, and how this controversial issue can be ceased immediately and permanently.

II. Laws behind abortion

Are women’s right to abortion actually right? The year of 2013 marked the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court ruling that supported a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion. Yet, anti-abortion state politicians kept attacking this right in 2013, hoping to overturn Roe and prevent women from having abortions. In 2013, 22 states enacted a total of 70 abortion restrictions, which was the second highest number of abortion restrictions to become law in a single year according to James D. Agresti in “Just Facts”. These state restrictions are serious when it comes to outsmarting women’s personal medical decisions.

If an unborn child is a human being entitled to rights, it is entitled to the right to life.

The right to life means the responsibility of other people not to take the life of the unborn child, except for two cases; the case in which the child commits aggression against the life of another person; or the case in which if the child lives and the mother of...

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