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Why Does Children Need To Be Educated About Drug Abuse?

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Drug abuse is when a person gets addicted to habitual or illegal drugs. Examples of drugs that are abused are marijuana, stimulants, depressants, inhalants, hallucinogens, and heroin Drugs have effect on how it is absorbed in the body. There are different kinds of ways drugs are absorbed in the human body, which includes injection, inhalation, and ingestion. The effect of drugs in the human body is impacted by the way it enters the body. Using needles to inject drugs through veins enters the blood stream quicker and have an instant effect, whilst taking drugs orally will have slower effects because it takes time to go through the digestive system before its effects are shown. Young people get curious when they reach the phase when they know about drugs and its effects. Young people tend to abuse drugs because their friends are doing it. Others get involves in drugs to have good time or by peer pressure. This may lead many young adults into getting the act of abusing drugs. As a result of this can lead young men and women into making bad decisions, and these decisions can have significant effect in their lives. It is very important for parents to educate their children at a younger age about drug abuse to prevent injuries, health problems, and negative effects on the brain.
Introducing drug education to younger teens at an early age can help prevent injuries in later stages of their lives. Parents should educate their children about how drugs can lead to injuries. Serious injuries like deaths, illness, and severe disabilities are associated with drug abuse other than health conditions that are preventable. People who abuse drugs may experience decrease awareness level and concentration. People driving under the influence of drug abuse have slower reaction time which causes a lot of accidents leading to deaths. Many people involves in drugs have high dependency which usually have them at a high risk of domestic violence and unintentional injuries. It causes the government lot of money resources to care of these injuries caused by drug abuse. By pointing these injuries associated with drug abuse to adolescents can help them make right decisions about it, in fact preventing injuries.
With the increase rate of drugs in children nowadays, drug education thought by parents at the early stage can help reduce serious health problems in the human body. The effects of abusing drugs can weaken the immune system. The immune system helps to fight diseases and infections in our body. Abusing too much drugs weakens the immune system, making the body prone to diseases. Parents should educate teenagers about also drugs reveal the dangers of injecting drugs through the veins, causing the heart to beat faster resulting in abnormal heart rate and even heart...

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