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Why Does Relying On Social Media Affect Our Interpersonal Skills And Leave Us With The Fear Of Being Alone?

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Every year new technology is released to the public that is supposed to make life easier. This new technology allows us to do various task from looking up recipes to setting reminders by voice activation. It seems however, that with all this new technology being released, it is becoming more socially acceptable to avoid interpersonal commutations with one another and just communicate thought the use of social media and all these fancy gadgets that “serve as portals” to one another. (Sherry Turkle, 155). Technology that allows social media communications to be possible so easily is relatively new to humans which leads us to question what are the long term benefits and consequences associated with the use of technology to make life easier. The authors William Dereseiwicz, Sherry Turkle, and Peter Singer all wrote essays on the similar topics about how the rise of technology and social media in general as vastly changing the way human beings interact with one another and the effects the internet has on our brains. After reading their work and looking at their evidence, it is evident to me that technology affects us human beings by making us lose our ability to speak to one another with the same confidence level that our past generations and inflicts fear of us being out of the circle.
After reading the works of Dereseiwicz, Turkle, and Singer it evident that human beings now have more excuses to avoid meeting new people. They rather be stuck on their smartphone tweeting about how bored they are rather than putting their phone down for a while and talking to new people around them. Turkle’s essay “Always On” supports the claim that we humans fear leaving the safety associated with our available communications technology. Tuckle gives a great example of how “people come together but do not speak to each other. Each is tethered to a mobile device and to the people and places to which that device servers a portal” (155). The human being was not designed to be alone, that’s a reason why there are females and males, and from a religious standpoint, the reason why god gave Eve to Adam. This however does not mean that we should always have to be connected with the same people day and night. When the average teenager in America goes on a road trip with a stranger, and essential item would be their smartphones. This will serve them as company and as the “portal” to their friends back home (Tuckle, 155). One of the constant fears a majority of people have is the “Dead Phone” catastrophe during a long car ride. What could one possibly do during a long car ride without a smartphone, interact with the others in the car? Never, we must always let others in social media know exactly what we are thinking in these long car ride. It has now become to an age where people would rather be on their smartphone than having a conversation with the person giving them a haircut. We are now afraid to talk to our barbers/hairstylist and would rather update our Facebook status...

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