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Why Does Two Wolves By Tristan Bancks Give Meaning? Book Review

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Two Wolves 2014 by Tristan Bancks is an adventure novel which represents the struggle for familial love in reality. [Novel Name] demonstrates the mental consequences of leaving a child in a state of psychological decline, perhaps better referred to as the ‘Abandoned Child Syndrome (ACS)’.

When Ben Silver’s own parents whisk him away along with his younger sister on a so-called holiday, he has a suspicion there is more to the story than what is on the surface. The novel ‘Two Wolves’ written by Tristan Bancks, deftly captures the sense of betrayal children may feel while being deceived by those they trust and care for. Furthermore, it demonstrates the difficult choice that people are constantly torn between, to follow universal ethics or your own.

Over the course of the novel, the protagonist Ben dreams to become a detective, however he never expected to be investigating crimes within his own family, and he soon finds himself uncovering and gathering evidence against his father.


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