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Why Don't Men Go To The Doctor?

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Why Men Do Not Go to the Doctors?
Medicine, as defined by Google, is the science or practice of the diagnosing, treating, and preventing of diseases. It is important to understand the history to really appreciate the development it has gone through. Medicine was first started in Egypt but was perfected by Hippocrates. He was a Greek scholar who introduced medical ethics known as the Hippocratic oath. These same principles are used today. Treatments have further developed into curing diseases that were once deemed a death sentence. History supports the development of medicine yet people, in specific men, today do not prefer going to the doctor because it is a financial burden, it has a perception of weakness, and trepidation.
Medical costs in the US today are rising, as technology is getting more and more advanced. It has become almost essential for both men and women to get medical insurance to help pay the bill. However, the medical insurers are also businessmen and are only concerned with money. They are continually raising their rates to accommodate for the medical costs. The lowest rate for health insurance in NH is $282 dollars a month ( That is considered the bronze plan where the consumer must still pay 40% co-pay per check up. That alone is enough to dissuade men from going to the hospital. A typical doctors visit costs about $158 there for about $63 is paid out of pocket, which is a large sum of money to pay for to get a routine check up for a cold. A problem with insurance is that it minimally covers diabetes treatments, kidney dialysis treatments, and even organ transplants. These are huge problems in the US, and for insurance companies to discriminate against these essential treatment results in large amounts of death. Many cannot afford to pay such high costing, life-saving treatments. Diabetes and kidney failure are diseases that are linked to the poor diets of most Americans. According to the CDC, about 24 million people have diabetes and 3.9 million are diagnosed with renal failure. The cost of diabetes treatments is about $7,900 a year from pocket this does not include doctor visit that are directly diabetic treatments. Diabetes causes many other effects that are not included in the price listed. They spend about $13,700 a year for doctor visits (ADA, 1). That is a large sum of money to put directly towards medical care. The cost for Renal failure is anywhere from $6,000 to $40,000 a year depending of what stage. Renal failure is highly linked to diabetes and is common to contract both. Thus resulting in cost around $18,000 to $54,000 that is not fully covered by insurance. Organ transplants are also life saving cures to diseases. There are about one hundred thousand people in need of an organ in the US alone (Hauboldt, 1). It is the only option is the cases of many diseases for example; the only solution to kidney failure is to get a transplant, which costs $262,900 in total. Of this the insurances pays for 45% so...

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