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Why Dropping Out Of High School Should Be Banned

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Imagine dropping out of school and soon your relationships with family, friends, and significant others start failing. What would you do? Many young Americans are dropping out of school, which causes many consequences in many aspects of their lives. Relationships of dropouts are ruined because they have limited education. High school dropouts have little to no luck finding a job. There are many advantages to raising the high school dropout age to 18. Dropping out of high school should be banned because it has many long-term consequences for individuals and society.
Between 3.5 million and 6 million young people in America dropout of high school (Bloom). About 1 million students do not make their way to graduation (Koenig). Dropping out of high school will inhibit any students ability to go onto college. Studies show that if a student were to drop out of high school, the crime rate will be higher(Kokemuller). According to professional statistics, in 2010, the percentage of high school dropouts was at a high of seven percent (Henry). At age sixteen, if a student were to drop out of high school, this student would need a parent to sign for them, and there are many parents who also believe children need an education. In 2006, about sixty-seven births to dropouts were outside marriage and this is compared to the ten percent of births to women who have received their master's degree and a high school diploma (Bloom). There are many consequences in store for high school dropouts.
Besides suffering relationships, there are many consequences to dropping out of high school (Bloom). A dropout's relationship with family, friends, and significant others can fail dramatically (Kokemuller). Dropouts are going to have poor outcomes in life, such as little to no jobs (Bloom). There is a chance that a dropout can make it on their own right after leaving high school, but the chance is very small. A high school student has a better chance in the future if they finish high school. The student will learn more and can get a diploma of the decide to stay in school and graduate. Any dropout will fail in another major area, socially. They will have a negative impact on the community and will have many social issues. In a typical year, a high school graduate makes much more money than a high school dropout.
In 2005, high school dropouts made thirty-five thousand dollars less than an adult with a two-year degree, and about fifteen thousand dollars less than an adult with a high school diploma (Bloom). There are many challenges that dropouts face involving finding a job. If a dropout is lucky enough to find a job, the job will more than likely be low-paying, low-skilled, and low-security. Many businesses will not offer students who have dropped out of high school a job. If a student is lucky enough to find a job, the work will...

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