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Why Drug Test Should Be Mandatory At Schools. Persuassive

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Look around the room. Look at the guys and girls sitting next to you, in front of you, across the room from you. Think. Do you really know that much about them? Sure, maybe the red head behind you gets straight A's, or the tall guy in the green shirt is the star of the basketball team. But do you really know them? You may think that you do, but you probably don't know the half of it. That A student might have a drunk for a father, or the brunette's mom is abusive, or the basketball player might be on drugs. Wouldn't you like to know if your classmates were druggies? It would be better for them, you and others if he got help with his problem. If schools require mandatory drug tests, then that basketball player could get the help he needs and so could may others around you that are on drugs.If you wanted to cheat on a test and the teacher told you that she was checking over everyone's hand before the test, would you write the answers on your hand? I doubt anyone would. Well, then if students in high school knew that there would be drug tests would the students do drugs? It's the same scenario. If high schools required students to take drug tests then some of the students would quit drugs for fear of being caught. Also, the ones who skip school or freak out the day of the test would be caught, too.Over the past year, people have probably noticed that St. Joe probably hasn't gotten the best reputation with kids and drugs. If drug...

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