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Why Drug Trafficking Continues To Rise Despite The Risks Involved

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Drug use around the world is very common. According to Drug Trafficking, “The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimates that 208 million people worldwide use drugs annually on at least one occasion.” Illegal drug trafficking is an increasing issue around the world that many people are not aware of. This issue causes problems to people everywhere, whether they are involved with drugs or not.
Cocaine use has many harmful effects for people. For example, it can cause problems in a child if a mother uses it during pregnancy. “Prenatal cocaine exposure is associated with an increased risk of cognitive impairment and developmental delays during the first two years of life” ("Infants"). Often mothers do not realize the problems they are causing for their babies. Furthermore, cocaine also often causes problems in a child’s life. In a study of 110 children born to mothers who used cocaine during pregnancy, “...two had been killed, three were in prison, six had graduated from college, and six more were in school" (Anderson). These kids are less likely to go to school and more likely to get involved with crime. In addition to pregnancy complications, cocaine can also cause heart disease and cause problems with brain function (Is Britain’s). Many people continue to use cocaine because they most likely do not know these harmful effects.
Cocaine use and sale is closely related to how society views it. According to recent studies, “The nature of drug trafficking and drug markets is affected by society’s perception of the particular drug and the types of people trafficking in the drug" (Drug Traffic). This means that drug trafficking would most likely be less popular if society had a different perception of drug use. If drugs were seen as a negative impact to society, drug trafficking rates would most likely decrease.
Drug trafficking is a problem all around the world. In order to stop it, it is essential to know which countries are causing the most problems. According to Drug Traffic, The United States is one of the most profitable illegal drug markets in the world. In addition, to stop the sale and distribution of drugs, it is important to know how they are getting illegally transported. For example, two suspects tried to get drugs passed through the border. “They were hired by a group of drug traffickers operating in Thailand and Venezuela. The [suspects] planned to import the cocaine from Venezuela to Thailand by transferring it through the Cambodian-Thai border,” (Denial). Most of the time, drug dealers and traffickers try to pass illegal drugs through the oceans and seas, but sometimes they will transport them by plane. “ ‘Corro Zuzunaga Enrique Bruno brought the cocaine from Venezuela through the Singapore airport en route to Phnom Penh,” municipal court judge Kor Vandy said during the trial" (qtd. in Denial). Drug traffickers may also try to target fishermen to transport their drugs (Dyer). Drug traffickers know that fishermen have a low...

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